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Christmas Comes Early

29 November 2004

I’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit early!
This year I’m trying to be a lot more organised.
I always get so angry at myself when I find myself succumbing to The Christmas Madness 3 days before the Christmas.

I want to get all the chrissy shopping done early, have them wrapped and given out, make all my yummy goodies, get the decorations up and get the Christmas invites out! Yep, the family Christmas dinner will be at our place this year!

I started by making some Christmas wreaths. You see, my neighbour has these evil vines that are unstoppable – no matter how hard we try to cut them back, they just keep creeping and crawling over our fence like fingery tentacles and getting themselves tangled in everything! So a lopped off a few vines and twirled them around to make my wreaths.
I think I’ll tie on a few gum nuts and wattle flowers for a more Australian theme. Haha. Too easy.

*Btw, my comments kinda died. So I’ll bring them back when I have a bit more time to fiddle with this and that.

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Fatness and Good Chinese Food

26 November 2004

Aaah I love being pregnant.
I can eat heaps and heaps and walk away happily with my belly bulging under my clothes.

Us girls tend to have this suck-in-tummy reflex… when we’re in a nice dress and we stand up from the table after eating a large meal. But not me! I let it all hang out! It feels grrreat.

Anyway, we went to one of our local Chinese restaurants the other night (very seedy looking and out in the middle of no where). And the food was SO tasty!! It totally caught me by surprise, because we just ordered the usual boring selection of dishes that we always order. The yam duck was to die for! The crispy pork ribs, the roast chicken, the sizzling beef, the claypot veges, the tofu and even the kang kong dish were all so yummy!

Btw, I’m officially 6 months pregnant. Yay, 4 months to go!

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22 November 2004

Found some gorgeous chandelier earrings from emitations.

The brooches and glam rings are quite cool too.

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21 November 2004

My parents took Callum for the weekend again. They even asked to have him stay over! So Andrew and I took the opportunity to treat ourselves to a Japanese dinner in Leederville, watched Hero at Luna and took a stroll by the river in the deliciously warm evening.

Highlight of the evening : Zhang Ziyi was just *gorgeous*. She was my real reason for wanting to see the movie – but was pleasantly surprised that the rest of the movie was as stunning to watch.

Lowlight of the evening : I forgot to tell the chef to NOT put the tempura in my soup! I hate soggy tempura.

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All fun and games

17 November 2004

Hee hee. The other day I set up a water canal toy for Callum in the backyard. The weather was spectacular!
I whipped off his nappy to get some fresh air on his ass. And he spent hours prancing around with his cups and buckets and boats and splashing the water all over the place. The toy was really cool – it had a water pump and water gates and paddles. And my husband and his brother spent ages “showing” Callum how to play with it. The only down side to the day was trying to wash the grass, mud AND bugs stuck in Callum’s nooks and crannies.

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2nd Last Wedding For The Year

7 November 2004

Went to another wedding on the weekend. My super-talanted designer friend from uni, Debbie and her husband to be, Jeff, flew over from Sydney for a cozy wedding celebration at the Old Swan Brewery. It was such a lovely wedding!

The speeches were great. The bridesmaid retold Deb and Jeff’s romance in a style you would find on the back of a Mills and Boon novel. It was hilarious! And the father of the bride gave a cute speech in Cantonese – I even understood what he said [only just though]. *So proud*.

ALSO… there was this jaw-droppingly, UNBELIEEEEEVABLY, gorgeous guy there… who I couldn’t keep my eyes off the whole night. I kept nudging my husband and I was like “Omg I can’t believe how good looking he is!”. He was like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt – in terms of their classic, striking, masculine good looks.

So, I couldn’t help it, I just HAD to strike up a conversation with him, I mean how often do you get to talk face to face with a REALLY good looking person? I walked up to him and chit chatted about this and that [yes, I have no shame]. And after a very brick wall conversation, I parted thinking, “Damn it, I should have just left him as a demi-god in my head. Now he’s just a regular awkward bloke with no conversation skills.”

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Pregnant and trying not to be blonde

3 November 2004

Ugh, I’ve been doing some really stupid things lately – all of which I’ve blamed my pregnancy.

Milk in the pantry. Double-booking events for the weekend. Burning tea towels. Forgetting to return calls. And just forgetting to do really important stuff.

I also wanted to post a pic of my midnight craving snack : peanut butter and chocmint ice magic on toast. I decided not to because it looked really disgusting, but DAMN it was goooood.

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1 November 2004

I found some absolutely gorgeous Fabienne earrings from Adore Beauty.