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Spontaneous Sogginess

28 September 2004

The days have been growing warmer and warmer.

I couldn’t resist taking Callum to the river today. We went to visit the park at Deep Water Point in Mount Pleasant.
The swings were fun, the playground was adequate. But Callum was drawn to the river and I literally had to tackle him to the ground to stop him from leaping into the water.

There was NO ONE around. It was fantastic. We had a little private beach all to ourselves! We took off our shoes, paddled in the water, made sand castles, collected sticks and shells, and examined the dead jellyfish washed up on the shore.
The tide was low, the water was still. We could have waded several metres into the river, but I didn’t like the idea of stomping on rocks and sea creatures without my shoes.

Of course Callum FELL into the water. And of course I was totally unprepared for a soggy baby. I didn’t even have a towel for him! So I stripped him down and let him play in the water in the nude. I was one of THOSE parents now. My husband and I sat on the beach and laughed at our sand coated toddler.