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See Ya Mate

14 August 2004

Sigh. My little sister is off to Japan for a couple of years.

She’s quit her job, packed her bags and off to teach English with the JET Programme. She had been brewing and plotting the idea for years and YEARS. No one ever took her seriously. It was quite amusing.

I guess everyone figured that she’d grow out of it. Or that she’d suddenly realise the enormous step it would take to leave everyone and everything in her universe behind – well paying job, car, boyfriend, friends, family, church.

And I guess it’s the comfort of knowing the essential things about the city in which you’ve grown up – like the best place to park on a Saturday night in Northbridge, the best place to buy emergency ice cream and pads at 3am in the morning, and that you shouldn’t go to the bank at lunch times or at 3:30pm

I’ve often wanted to ask her, Are you sure you want to do this?. Only to realise that I did a similar thing when I was 20. I finished uni and I stepped onto a plane set for Singapore. My plan was to live there and work my ass off for 5 years.

Ah how plans change. In those 5 years I changed my mind, came back to Perth, got an awesome job, met my husband, got married, did some travelling, started my own business, moved house, had a baby, and now living as a stay at home mum. Funny how life turns out in such a short space of time.

Anyway, I’m proud, happy, and excited that she’s finally managed to pursue her life long dream. And besides… she left 3/4 of her wardrobe, her uber shoe and earring collection here… *muahahahaha*