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16 May 2004

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We went to the beach this afternoon to watch the sun set.
It was refreshing to feel the icy sea breeze bite at my lips and cheeks. I had to squint so my eyeballs stayed warm. Even my hair felt cold. I wore the beanie I bought in New Zealand.
And the gloves I bought in Albany. My fingers were wrapped around a take-away coffee, with it’s steam doing magical warm things on my chin.

Callum ran around the park flapping his arms. He was chasing seagulls around in circles. It was so cute. He just kept plodding after them without a care in the world. Eyes fixed. Target lock on. Arms stretched out with fingers wiggling in the air ready to grab them.

Going to the beach is like a retreat for us. A restart. For a few hours we forget about deadlines, housework, bills, and other problems in the soup of life.

Standing on the edge of our world, looking out into the sea. Clouds racing about in the sky. Wind reminding us who’s boss.

I picked Callum up and flew him around the park, Superman style. He squealed and laughed. He kicked his little legs. We almost caught a seagull too.

Life has been a bit testy for us. I’m looking forward to spend a lot more time with people and things which count the most.