day of week

Looking into the trees

11 February 2004

I really enjoy my morning jogs.
So far I’m doing it 3 days a week.
Up to the shops, buy a newspaper and back again.
It’s not a long jog, but I’m starting small.

It’s 30 minutes of my time.
Plus I feel incredibly zippy after it.

But my real reason for all the exercise, is because I desperately want to be a mum who’s young, fit, healthy, and active. I want to keep an active social life, get out and about, paint my nails and go to concerts. I want to keep my feet on the ground and have a sense of humour about life and babies.

I think my greatest fear is turning into a frumpy Chinese Aunty while I’m only 25.

Huge congrats to Shy, Shai and Scott for the recent additions to their families.