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Trip to the Zoo

22 February 2004

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We went to the zoo today!

Callum really liked the penguins. They swam right up to the glass of the tank and flapped their little penguin wings. He also liked the monkeys. They were scampering here and there and making lots of noise.

However, I think what Callum most enjoyed was looking at the other little kids eating colourful ice creams and screaming “MUUUUM I WANNA SEE THE LEEEEEMURS NOW!!!”.

He wasn’t impressed with the HUGE snake.
Or the cute elephants.
The kangaroos were too fast to keep up with.
The tigers were too hard to see.
And the birds, well they were just boring.

(Nonetheless, I had a great time!)

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Our Five Seconds of Fame

17 February 2004

Yeah yeah, that was us in the newspaper the other week. We must’ve been the only ones who didn’t see the pic. It took me ages to finally source a clipping.We were at a Chinese New Year Ball. I figured everyone was going to wear something red or a cheong sum, so I mustered up the courage to go with a snakeskin print dress + feather earrings. I was terrified it was going to look really naff, because my dress was over 2 seasons old! Luckily no one called the fashion police.

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Alternative Marinades

16 February 2004

I went to a physio about my sore wrist. Initial consultation and ultrasound therapy set me back $55. Then I got a proper cast made up at the next session $95. And after paying $45 for “ice therapy” I decided not to go back.

I told my mother about it and she said, “Aiyah don’t spend so much money on those kind of things!”

She gave me an unlabelled bottle of Chinese Medicine and told me to rub some into my wrist every evening.

It looked like soy sauce.
And smelt like rotten plums.

It made my hand smell like marinated chicken wings after a few days. And it disturbed me that people I meet might get a whiff of it.

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Sunday Afternoon

15 February 2004

We spent a glorious afternoon at Sorrento Beach.
We walked up and down the bay. Looking at the flock of sun bathers and their jumble of colourful towels, and umbrellas. Kids were squealing down the water slides, screaming on the roller coasters and giggling on the merry-go-rounds.

Large British ladies were spilling out of their swim suits as they played bowls on the lawn. Skinny girls in bikinis were turning bronze in the sun.

Callum found it all very fascinating. He sat upright in his pram. Concentrating on the world around him.

We strolled over to the old dolphin pen at AQWA.
We checked out the boats with For Sale stickers.
We took pictures of a man with a white rat on his shoulder.
We ate fresh hot kebabs on the boardwalk.
And we watched the sun set behind the boats bobbing up and down in the bay.

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Looking into the trees

11 February 2004

I really enjoy my morning jogs.
So far I’m doing it 3 days a week.
Up to the shops, buy a newspaper and back again.
It’s not a long jog, but I’m starting small.

It’s 30 minutes of my time.
Plus I feel incredibly zippy after it.

But my real reason for all the exercise, is because I desperately want to be a mum who’s young, fit, healthy, and active. I want to keep an active social life, get out and about, paint my nails and go to concerts. I want to keep my feet on the ground and have a sense of humour about life and babies.

I think my greatest fear is turning into a frumpy Chinese Aunty while I’m only 25.

Huge congrats to Shy, Shai and Scott for the recent additions to their families.

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Callum – 10 Months

3 February 2004

Callum’s 9.5 months now. He’s been a great little kid. Even though he eats the cat food, said “dad” first, climbs into cupboards and refuses to eat his breakfast.

LOVE his mischievous cheeky smile. I just had to turn it into an animated gif.

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In-laws, movies and weddings

2 February 2004

During the week, my in-laws stayed with us for a night. We had the whole family over for dinner, 13 of us. I single-handedly [literally, one hand was in a cast] managed to cook the largest and most delicious pot of spaghetti bolognese in my life. Damn there were a lot of tomatoes.On Thursday some friends shouted us to a Turkish dinner and La Premier tickets to see Lord of the Rings. We ate the most amazing dinner at this Turkish place in Vic Park (opposite the International Food court + Macs). I had fresh, hot Turkish bread dripping with chicken, tomatoes and melted cheese. Yummm. It was absolutely awesome. Our movie session finished at 12am and I was too tired to bitch about the movie.

On the weekend, we drove to Dunsborough to attend the wedding of some good friends. The ceremony was held in a cute little church in town and the reception at a local winery. The delicious food, breathtaking views, short speeches, silly dancing were all perfect. It was one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to!

We left Callum in Perth with my sister in-law. It was the first time I’ve been baby-free for 24 hours. I enjoyed spending time alone with my husband too. It was nice to feel like a young crazy couple again. But at the end of the day, I laid my head on the tacky floral pattern of the motel pillow, and I missed Callum’s silly babbling and baby cuddles. I looked up in the dark at the strange shadows dancing on the ceiling and I was struck by a sense of fulfillment that, I’m sure, only a child could bring.