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It’s not as bad as it looks

9 January 2004

I’ve had a sore hand that’s been bothering me for weeks.

I finally had time to pop over to see my doctor. She said I’ve got DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis. Which is an inflammation of the tendons in my thumb. It’s a kind of RSI which is common in post-pregnant women – apparently too much hormones of some sort plus lifting babies and prams.

Her advice:(1) Rub some anti-inflammatory cream on it,
(2) buy a wrist support and make myself a splint.
But most importantly, REST my hand!

The cream option sounded simple enough.
So I bought a $15 tub of natural eucaplytus + emu oil goo and spent the next few days rubbing it into my hand while watching tv. It didn’t give me the “instant relief” as promised on the label. In fact, it didn’t do crap.

So. I began making various prototypes of splints using hand towels, plastic rulers, sticky tape, and rubber bands – all of which became a problem when I wanted to have a shower.

In the end I called up a good friend, who happened to be a podiatrist, and asked him if he could make me a cast.
“Hands, feet – basically the same, right?”

When I was a kid, I never played rough enough to break my hands or arms or legs, so the thought of finally being able to wear a plaster cast was somewhat exciting. However, I was told they make casts in fiberglass these days. So getting someone to sign it might be difficult *pout*.

He made me two awesome casts. And I can take them on and off! However, admittedly they have spent more time off than on. I just hate being unable to do normal things, and I hate the concerned looks on people’s faces when they see me lifting a 9kg pram with one hand out of the boot in a shopping centre car park.