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4 December 2003

It’s Thursday morning. Callum’s taking his morning nap.
I’m sitting in our new office looking into our new garden.
It’s been three days since we’ve moved in, and I feel as if I’ve been here for years. I just feel so relaxed and at home.

There’s so much space! I’m not used to it. Walking from the lounge room to the toilet is a huge trek across the house! Mind you, it’s not a huge mansion. It’s a small 3 bedroom x 2 bathroom duplex.

The use of space and overall layout of the house is superb = small, but feels big. The lounge room is away from all the kitchen/dining noises, yet it’s big and open enough for all kinds of activities. The bedrooms are a great size and are tucked away from the rest of the house. The office is a dream! It’s like another living area away from everything. The enclosed patio is great! Nice big outdoor/indoor space for mosquito-free summer BBQs. Yay.

The backyard is magical! It’s like you walked into a scene from The Secret Garden. When I find my digital camera I’ll post some shots. It doesn’t have a lawn though. And I like a little bit of lawn. I might get my husband to dig up some plants and put some lawn in. I like the idea of the kid(s) rolling around on the grass, pitching tents and running through sprinklers.

The kitchen is a bit small. Being my mother’s daughter, I would’ve liked the kitchen to have a little more bench space, cupboard space and pantry space. How else will I become the cooking machine I was destined for? Oh well.

So yes, it’s three days after we’ve moved in. We still have to buy some shelves for the office, so we have boxes lying all over the place. And stuff temporarily sitting here and there. It’s a nightmare when trying to find something.

Ok, I have to get some quotes for installing air conditioning. We want to get it in before the peak of summer arrives!!