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Bye bye Biff

26 November 2003

Poor Biff. If only he wasn’t so bad with kids.

We have two cats. Biff and Silky. Silky is the timid one. She slinks around quietly and stays far away from our 7 month old boy, Callum.

But Biff is a little more ‘in your face’. He’s rough, affectionate, stupid, and a bit of a bully. We actually think he’s a dog trapped in a cat’s body. And unfortunately, he really likes playing with Callum. Claws, teeth and all!

So since we’re moving to a new house… we’ve decided that Biff has to go.

We found him a temporary home at Cat Haven, a nice local shelter/service that finds new homes for cats. So hopefully he’ll be able to find some nice happy owners… who really wanted a dog, but didn’t haven’t enough room for one.