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Playgroup Adventures

21 November 2003

We went to our playgroup today.

Callum is the first in the group to crawl and it wasn’t a good thing! I spent most of the morning chasing after him, while all the other mums relaxed with a cup of tea. He was chasing the other babies, stealing their toys, trying to suck people’s toes and trying to eat the chocolate biscuits. Eventually I let him loose in the baby play area. And I caught him examining himself in the mirror. It was too cute!

Then he successfully climbed through one of those plastic cubby houses.

We cut his hair the other day. It was getting long and feral looking. I was too nervous to use a pair of scissors, because Callum REALLY likes shiny things.

So we got out the clippers and gave him a number 6 all around. Now he definitely looks more like his dad.