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Bye bye Biff

26 November 2003

Poor Biff. If only he wasn’t so bad with kids.

We have two cats. Biff and Silky. Silky is the timid one. She slinks around quietly and stays far away from our 7 month old boy, Callum.

But Biff is a little more ‘in your face’. He’s rough, affectionate, stupid, and a bit of a bully. We actually think he’s a dog trapped in a cat’s body. And unfortunately, he really likes playing with Callum. Claws, teeth and all!

So since we’re moving to a new house… we’ve decided that Biff has to go.

We found him a temporary home at Cat Haven, a nice local shelter/service that finds new homes for cats. So hopefully he’ll be able to find some nice happy owners… who really wanted a dog, but didn’t haven’t enough room for one.

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New House Preview

23 November 2003

We went for the final inspection of our new house today!

7 weeks ago (when we bought the house) we only looked around for 20 minutes. We fell in love with it instantly and put an offer on the place a few hours later.

So yes, it’s 7 weeks later, and I am very VERY keen to see the place again.

I was a little scared that we might have been caught up in the MOMENT and that the house was actually crap. Scared that if we looked at the house a second time, we’d find some outrageous problem that we didn’t spot the first time. Or that it was smaller than we imagined. Or that it had burnt down.

But what I was MOST worried about… was that I might look around the house and decide that I didn’t really like it anymore. Aaak. Can I change my mind?

Anyway, as we arrived at the house I was struck by how small it looked from the outside. As we walked around checking lights, stove, oven, sprinklers, locks, doors, windows…. I knew we had bought a gem. The rooms were all a great size, heaps of storage, nice division of living spaces, beautiful backyard, and best of all… the previous owners looked after the house REALLY well.

I was so happy with the house, that I didn’t seem to mind the nightmare, albeit superficial, that would betray my sense of designer-pride. The colours of the walls and carpets were shocking! Pink. Speckled brown.

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Playgroup Adventures

21 November 2003

We went to our playgroup today.

Callum is the first in the group to crawl and it wasn’t a good thing! I spent most of the morning chasing after him, while all the other mums relaxed with a cup of tea. He was chasing the other babies, stealing their toys, trying to suck people’s toes and trying to eat the chocolate biscuits. Eventually I let him loose in the baby play area. And I caught him examining himself in the mirror. It was too cute!

Then he successfully climbed through one of those plastic cubby houses.

We cut his hair the other day. It was getting long and feral looking. I was too nervous to use a pair of scissors, because Callum REALLY likes shiny things.

So we got out the clippers and gave him a number 6 all around. Now he definitely looks more like his dad.

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17 November 2003

I cannot believe how much shit I own!! We’re moving to our new house in 11 days – so I spent the weekend packing. There’s so much to do!

Many people have suggested professional removalist – who come in, pack EVERYSINGLETHING into boxes, haul it all to the new place, unpack, then leave with a couple of hundred bucks. Sigh. It sounds like a hassle-free solution. But I have a real problem with strangers touching my stuff. In fact, I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of my friends and family looking and sorting through my things.

So yes, we’re doing it the old fashion way. Pack everything into boxes. Label them. And those who want to help can move them to and from the truck.

Anyway. I used to make junk furniture art when I was a teenager. And I still have boxes and boxes and boxes of string, nails, bits of cardboard, wire, straw, gauze, sticks, feathers, ribbons, beads, rocks, different coloured sand, material scraps, empty film canisters, old batteries, broken bits of plastic mechanical things (clocks, radios, computer parts, heaters, toys, kitchen appliances), etc. And I keep them because I don’t ever want to be in a situation where I desperately need 16 yellow ping pong balls…

I also wrote letters before I went cyber. So I have many shoe boxes full of letters, Christmas and birthday cards.

I also can’t bear to throw away my old clothes! I swear my late 90s tencel jeans will come back in fashion.

But what I love doing most is collecting objects which remind me of certain places and moments in life. I have rocks from Scotland. Pebbles from New Zealand. A chopstick holder in shape of a naked lady I stole from a Chinese restaurant where I was the photographer at my friend’s wedding reception. The mouth guard from when I wore braces at 13 (yeah I still have it!). Parts of my brother’s BB Gun that I smashed to pieces when I was 14. The neatly folded gift wrapping of a present given to me by my first boyfriend.

Someone once told me , aside from ‘death of a loved one’ and ‘divorce’, ‘moving houses’ is one of the most stressful things one can experience in life. And in true Karen form, I’m secretly striving to prove them otherwise.

^ Found this old pic of my little sister and I on Christmas Island. Me (6), Christine (2).

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Beach and Babies

10 November 2003

We had a really nice weekend!

On Saturday we drove to Rockingham for the afternoon. We sat in a cafe by the beach and watched the sun sparkle on the ocean. The summer warmth was relaxing and the sea breeze was so refreshing. It was nice to sit quietly in the company of loved ones, sip coffee, gaze off into the far horizon and think about this and that.

Then we took a walk along the beach. We had to stick to the path because we were pushing a pram. I would’ve loved to sit on the beach, take my shoes off and feel the sand between my toes, but I was afraid Callum would eat the sand.

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Callum – 7 Months

9 November 2003

Callum has learnt how to crawl.

It’s kind of a fog-jump, commando-style type of crawl. He looks really funny, but at least he can move around now. He was getting pretty frustrated for weeks.

So since then he’s been crawling everywhere, he’s getting into all kinds of trouble! Sucking on the bricks of the fireplace. Munching on the leaves and grass on the doormat. Tugging on the phone cord. Pulling the tv antenna wire out of the wall. Shuffling through the pile of newspapers on the floor. Sucking on the shoelaces of my sneakers. Gnawing on the legs of our dinner table.

He practically mops the floor with his drool and the front of his tshirt. I probably should stop him from getting too dirty, but he seems to be having so much fun.

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A New Route

5 November 2003

Yesterday, we drove over to Ascot Waters for a little walk in the evening. The place had been completely redeveloped. New buildings, new parklands, new waterfront, new public gardens and sculptures and water features and art. It was all very pretty in a contrived and manicured way.

But as we ventured further west into the setting sun – we found a peculiar bridge leading to a peculiar island. And there was a peculiar smell in the air.
It was a nature reserve! How cool, we thought.

But the nature reserve turned out to be a developed landfill site!! The road turned into a rocky path, which then disappeared into a sandy track. There were flies, buggy things and wild birds. There was also a large ominous pile of “dirt” in the middle of the island – which smelt very bad indeed.

All in all, our walk was very enjoyable. But next time we’ll stick to the path most travelled.

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Earring Booty

4 November 2003

Last week, my sister held an earring party. Basically it’s just like a Tupperware party, but with earrings. It was cool.

This chick designs and makes her own earrings, then she has these earring parties – which turn out to be really popular. She had tables full of stuff! Or you can have them custom made – choose the lengths of the dangley bits, type of beads, number of beads, colours, feathers, etc. I bought 3 pairs and they were delivered today. *So excited*

The third one didn’t hang nicely – so I sent it back with a few modifications. Now I have to go somewhere where I can wear em!

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Callum, meet Mr Box.

3 November 2003

Callum loves playing with cardboard boxes.

He found the box for his high chair and spent most of the morning thumping it, banging it, sucking on it, head-butting it and chasing it around the floor on his belly.

Oh, and this morning, I found that huge chunk off the paper beer coaster in his nappy. Eew.

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And Life Goes On

2 November 2003

The funeral service on Thursday was simply beautiful.

Growing up in church, I’ve been to many funerals. Funerals of old grandmothers and grandfathers, sick aunties and uncles – all of whom I never knew very well. And all whose life had been lived to a ripe old age.

But this was the first time I’ve been to the funeral of a friend.
A young friend. There were so many people. All proclaiming the same song – that Hon was a good man with a big heart.
It was awesome to see so many people touched by his life.
It made me want to live the best I can.