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Callum – 6 Months

15 October 2003

Callum has two teeth!!

Now it hurts like hell when he chomps on my finger. AND when I feed him with a rubbery spoon he bites on it so hard that we’re constantly in a tug-o-war during meal times.

I was actually anticipating the whole “teething stage” to be quite awful. Andrew’s mother said that Andrew was a wonderful baby until he started teething… and then it all went to hell until he was… 12!

But in the end, Callum had a few grumbly hours over two days, which magically disappeared after a tiny bit of Baby Panadol. Breast feeding is still fine, so I might keep it up for a few more months.

Some relatives came down from Singapore and bought Callum a baby walker.

I’m not a big fan of walkers because apparently they make the baby lazy, and they stop trying to walk or crawl. But yes ok, it looks cool and it has provided some light entertainment for Callum a few minutes each day.

Babies seem to know the difference between kid’s toys and adult’s toys. Callum always prefers grabbing the remote control, digital camera, mobile phone, calculator and telephone.

They should really make kid’s toys in blacks, silvers and greys, instead of bold primary colours.