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Shopping for houses

14 September 2003

UGH! We finally started looking for a new house this weekend.
Our current house is a few weeks from being put up for sale… but we decided that we want to buy a new place BEFORE we sell ours. I’m pretty stressed about it. I’m worried I won’t be able to find anything I like. We’ve got an area in mind, a price range, and a whole lot of requirements, such as : 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, not on a busy road, not near power lines, near parks + shopping centre, good sized backyard, 2 separate living areas. But I also have a whole lot of secret preferences, like : no dark brown 80s chocolate brick, dark jarrah floor boards, nice gardens, no pool, big outdoor and indoor entertainment area, and high ceilings.

We must’ve looked at 20 home opens and they’ve all blurred into one crazy maze of rooms in my mind. Some were OK. I only saw one that I probably would’ve been happy buying. But even that didn’t have *everything* I wanted. Most were just presented so badly! You’d think that people trying to sell their house would tidy up a bit — but nooo, they leave their unpaid gas bills and car license renewal forms on the floor, damp underwear drip-drying in the laundry and old shoes lying in the garden bed. It was shocking.

At the same time, I’m making mental notes about how to present our house on open day. Our house is quite unique for the area we’re in (so we’re told). It’s a 1950’s character brick and tile, with a huge U shaped room consisting of a kitchen, small eating area, medium sized dinning room, a big lounge room, and a nice empty brick fireplace in the middle.

The floors of the entire house are the original polished jarrah floorboards. But other than the 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 laundry, and an outdoor undercover patio… that’s it! The house feels big and airy because of the large open living area… but it’s actually quite small. So I have a feeling that this might be it’s downfall – the lack of clearly defined areas.

How do I go about defining areas? While spending as little as possible? Beats me. I’m just going to buy a rug for the lounge room bit, and a matching set of chairs for our dinnig bit. We need those things anyway.