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The Evil Cloning Adventure

11 August 2003

Once a week Andrew, Callum and I go for a walk somewhere in Perth. Most times it’s around the block. But other times it’s by the river, or by the beach. It really depends on our moods, the weather, what’s planned in evening. Andrew usually comes home early so that we can catch some sunshine together, but being winter, we’ve found ourselves walking home in the dark and cold a few times. Oops. I guess it’s hard to catch daylight hours when the sun sets at around 5:30pm.

Anyway, so the other evening we’re walking around the block chatting about other people’s gardens and trying to spy over fences. It was quite amusing and harmless, until Andrew spotted a funky geranium plant. Yes, that’s right.

Now I usually hate geranium plants. Ugh. They are so ugly. And their leaves smell weird. But this particular plant was covered with the most amazingly coloured HOT PINK flowers. It was like crazy vivid neon gay punk fuchsia. It was like God was playing a joke. Or he forgot to desaturate the magenta.
It was just so crazy that Andrew decided that he wanted it.

Ok, I don’t know how many horticulturists are reading — but apparently you can break a stem off a geranium plant, stick it in the ground and it’ll start to grow. Personally I think it’s kinda creepy (in a ‘tried to kill the monster by hacking it up into little pieces, but they all grew back into even bigger monsters’ kinda way), but hey, I’m just a designer.

So since Andrew was holding the baby… I ended up having to sneak around trees, creep behind letter boxes, dodge the garden gnomes, duck my head under branches and snap off a single geranium stem. It was my criminal act for the year.

So here it is 5 days later. I took all the leaves off the stem, stuck it in a glass of water for a few days, watched some cute little leaves sprout from it, then stuck it into potting mix, and now it’s doing great. I think it’s so cute.

On a same note (ie. a tree hugging one), my good friend Mike has been making the best of Perth’s rainy days. And I’d like to admit that I am ALMOST inspired to collect some rain water for myself. I think I’d make some chicken soup with it. Mmm. Chicken soup goodness. Worthy of fresh sky juice.