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More Baby Moments

28 August 2003

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Callum – Almost 5 months

27 August 2003

Callum is almost 5 months old! He feels like he’s been in our lives forever!

Ever since Callum had the flu, he hasn’t been sleeping through the night. There was this delicious few weeks where he slept 9 to 10 hours straight. We’d put him to bed at 9pm and he’d wake up at 6am the next morning! But those days are long gone. For some reason he’ll wake up at 3am, or 2am, sometimes 4am for a late-night feed. Then again at 6am or 7am. Ugh. I’m grumpy all morning. We’ve been experimenting with all kinds of things. Putting him to sleep earlier. Waking him up for a play and feed before we go to bed. Not letting him sleep too much during the day. Tiring him out with some serious playtime before he goes to bed. But nothing seems to work. We’re going to try “doing nothing” next.

Stuff Callum Has Eaten:
(1) Breastmilk
(2) Rice Cereal – It’s like mushy milk. He loves it!
(3) Apple – He only tasted it once. Judging by the look on his face, you’d have thought I fed him lemons. He couldn’t keep it down, so I skipped it and moved onto the next food.
(4) Pumpkin – Callum hates pumpkin! It’s hard work getting it into his mouth when he’s grumpy. But he’ll eat it when he’s hungry. It’s very cute to watch. I should take some pics.
(5) Carrot – I think Callum’s not sure about this one. Maybe because it’s orange like the pumpkin. But he’ll scoff it anyway.

I haven’t weighed Callum recently, but I judging from our last weighing appointment, he should be about 6.4kgs. Which is waaay too much for me to carry for long periods of time.
His eyes have stopped changing colour. It’s kinda settled down to a light blue grey-brown. He’s definitely chubbier all over. But not at michelin or sumo status yet. We think he might be teething too! Eeep!

He can roll over from his back to his front!
He can roll over with a string of toys in one hand!
He giggles and laughs at my bed-sock puppet shows.
He always goes for the green toys.
He can burp all by himself now.
The word “bath” makes him all excited.
When he says “Ah-Goo”, my husband insists that he’s saying “An-Drew”.

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A walk in the park

26 August 2003

Aah, the last few days have been stunning. Bright blue skies and glowing sunshine. I’ve been spending lots of time outside – anything to get out of the house, away from the computer and soak up some vitamin D. Today we couldn’t resist taking a drive to Kings Park and checking out the new walkway.

According to the brochure… it extends 620m through the Botanic Garden… with elevated walkways… and a cool steel and glass bridge. It was nice.

I really liked the engraved rusted steel artwork. I enjoyed running my fingers over the little bumps and patterns of the animals.

There was also a funky garden full of mini boab trees! I’ve always wanted to see a real boab tree! They looked awesome! Even though they were just mini ones. They looked like cartoon trees. Very cute.

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Perth In The Evening

25 August 2003

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Put on my dancing shoes

21 August 2003

We’re off to check out some Latin dance classes!

We started dancing 3 years ago – learning the salsa, merengue, mambo, cha-cha, jive, rhumba, samba, and lambada. It was great fun! Haha, my husband was a little iffy about the idea at first. He blamed it on the ‘white men can’t dance’ factor. But he was a good sport, and I think by the end of our dancing stint, we were quite good at it. And we had heaps of fun together. (But don’t get me wrong, we weren’t exactly winning any world championships.)

So that was a few years back.

Tonight is a reconnaissance. With the eruption of Latin dance classes throughout the city, there are classes every night of the week, at different prices, at different venues, competing for the same business.

The last class we went to was held at a popular nightclub. It was a pretty seedy scene though. But, I kinda liked it. It was dark, dirty, mysterious and exciting. It was squishy, hot and sexy. AND there was a high possibility that some tight-assed Latino Dance God was going to sweep you off your feet.

But I think this time we’re looking for something a lot more… well, friendlier.

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The Rolling Milestone

19 August 2003

Callum rolled over this morning!

I plonked him on the floor on his back. He gurgled happily and waved his feet in the air. I walked away for a few seconds to grab my cup of tea.

I came back to find him turned over wiggling like a wet fish on his belly.

*I’m so excited*

Next will be the crawling, then walking and then I’ll need to make the house child proof.

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The Week in a Nutshell

18 August 2003

My husband has been hogging the computer all week. His research involves him needing to play various computer games such as Quake, Counter Strike, EverQuest, Myst. It’s driving me mad.I beeped my horn at a evil school kids who thought it’d be really funny to throw big tree limbs onto the path of on coming traffic.

Been watching the footy. Go Dockers!

Went to an engagement party on the weekend. The guy chose her engagement ring by himself! I was so impressed.

Been watching Jackie Chan movies. I’m thinking I should hire out some HK soapies to improve my Cantonese.

Signed up for some Life Drawing/Painting Classes. Yay!

Yummy dimsum on the weekend. I must’ve eaten a whole plate of deep fried squid. Those poor occies.

Indulged in some hot waffles with cream and syrup and a scoop of chocolate ice cream with choc-chips and nuts. Yeah baby, this chick knows how to have a good time.

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Callum – 16 weeks

13 August 2003

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The Evil Cloning Adventure

11 August 2003

Once a week Andrew, Callum and I go for a walk somewhere in Perth. Most times it’s around the block. But other times it’s by the river, or by the beach. It really depends on our moods, the weather, what’s planned in evening. Andrew usually comes home early so that we can catch some sunshine together, but being winter, we’ve found ourselves walking home in the dark and cold a few times. Oops. I guess it’s hard to catch daylight hours when the sun sets at around 5:30pm.

Anyway, so the other evening we’re walking around the block chatting about other people’s gardens and trying to spy over fences. It was quite amusing and harmless, until Andrew spotted a funky geranium plant. Yes, that’s right.

Now I usually hate geranium plants. Ugh. They are so ugly. And their leaves smell weird. But this particular plant was covered with the most amazingly coloured HOT PINK flowers. It was like crazy vivid neon gay punk fuchsia. It was like God was playing a joke. Or he forgot to desaturate the magenta.
It was just so crazy that Andrew decided that he wanted it.

Ok, I don’t know how many horticulturists are reading — but apparently you can break a stem off a geranium plant, stick it in the ground and it’ll start to grow. Personally I think it’s kinda creepy (in a ‘tried to kill the monster by hacking it up into little pieces, but they all grew back into even bigger monsters’ kinda way), but hey, I’m just a designer.

So since Andrew was holding the baby… I ended up having to sneak around trees, creep behind letter boxes, dodge the garden gnomes, duck my head under branches and snap off a single geranium stem. It was my criminal act for the year.

So here it is 5 days later. I took all the leaves off the stem, stuck it in a glass of water for a few days, watched some cute little leaves sprout from it, then stuck it into potting mix, and now it’s doing great. I think it’s so cute.

On a same note (ie. a tree hugging one), my good friend Mike has been making the best of Perth’s rainy days. And I’d like to admit that I am ALMOST inspired to collect some rain water for myself. I think I’d make some chicken soup with it. Mmm. Chicken soup goodness. Worthy of fresh sky juice.

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Satisfied Customer

10 August 2003

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Renovation Woes

9 August 2003

A few days ago, my husband started the last of our home renovation projects : re-tiling the bathroom.
It was very satisfying watching him pull off the crusty black tiles, the shoddy vanity, the mouldy shower screen, and all the taps and spouts. But our bathroom is a bloody construction site now. Dust covers the floor, cement chunks are everywhere, bricks crumbling off the walls, pipes dripping, and strange olive green & pink paint exposes the true colour trends of the 50’s.

He left the bathtub in. Bless him. So at least we didn’t have to hose ourselves down in the backyard each evening.
Now, most girls I know just LOVE baths. Meh. I’m not crazy about them. They’re ok. They’re a bit of a hassle. Who knows how a girl is supposed to wash her hair in a tub full of dirty water. In fact, after 4 days of swirling around in my own grime… I doubt I’m very clean at all.

The most disturbing thing about all this, is the fact that I have to brush my teeth over our kitchen sink. And my apricot exfoliating facial scrub sits above the sink next to my Morning Fresh dishwashing detergent. It’s so weird.

Perth has seen a FLOOD of reality renovation tv shows. Renovating a shit-hole house seems to be cool and trendy now. And everyone I meet is talking about how they dream of ‘buying an old house to do it up’. Despite all the creative + money saving arguments for the idea, I reckon it’s all just shit. I’d rather go on holiday and pay someone else to do it.

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I Got My Ears Pierced

1 August 2003

I was 12. And I was going through my tom-boy phase.
My little sister and all my other little girly cousins went to the chemist to get their ears pierced. Pffft. Earrings are sissy.
They’d swap and share their plastic-bauble ones, fluoro-rubber ones, hippy-beady ones. Star-shaped, square-shaped, teddybear-shaped. Christmas, halloween, valentines. Ugh.
I couldn’t think of anything more boring.

So it’s 13 years later. And I’ll be honest. There’s nothing more than having a baby to inspire oneself to be young, be sexy and goddamnit, live a little. So this weekend I’m going to get my ears pierced!

I guess I never got around to getting them done.
Because by the time I turned 16, I discovered boys…
AND I discovered how they would go into a nibbling frenzie at the mere mention of “virgin ears”. Laugh.

Yup, so in the past few weeks I’ve been on countless shopping missions to find some earrings. Some niiice long dangly ones. I bought 3 pairs. They were a bit expensive, but hey. A girl must accessorise.