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Thoughts on Parenting : Working vs Not Working

31 July 2003

Wow. My baby is 3.5 months and I haven’t done any design work in ages!

The idea of me creating 5 design concepts in 3 hours seems soooo far away. Screen layouts and final concepts. Feels like an eternity ago! Deadlines, invoices, timesheets. In a previous life!

I’m almost scared to try, in case I discover that I’ve lost the ability to use that part of my brain. Or I’ve forgotten how to design, run a relatively savvy business AND be a hard-nosed career professional. It’s a scary thought.

Right now, my life is warm and fuzzy, in a world of Mr Spider, clapping songs and cloth nappies.

I guess it’s suddenly beginning to bug me. Having a kid at age 25, there are a few things I’ve had to come to terms with.

I’m having a hard time getting used to the fact that I’m not earning any money.

Each month passes and I wish that I could put a dollar value to the things I’ve done.

Not that it’s about the money. Rather, the worth of the work I’m doing. Because sometimes, when I’m in my trackies leaning over the laundry basin stirring a bucket of smelly nappies, I pause and think…

I find it hard to comprehend that I someone would pay me $50/hour for making silly graphical web banners, and NOTHING for this. I go back to stirring, slowly puzzling over which of the two is worse.

It also bugs me to watch the industry happily going about it’s business. Watching things change, trends move, technologies emerge. I feel like I’ve missed the bus or something.

I watch my colleagues and contemporaries develop and evolve. Their folios getting bigger. Experience ticking longer. I’m moving out of the loop so quickly. It scares me to think that I might be left on the corporate shelf.

On the other hand, I think I want a career change. I’d like to do something with a lot more soul. Something worthwhile, with purpose and value. I’d like to make a whole lot of good things happen.

I guess in the meantime I’ll be quite happy being a mum.

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Going Shopping with Callum

30 July 2003

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Absolutely Tasteless

29 July 2003

I feel awful! My flu has developed into a nasty head cold. I’m stuffed and clogged and snotty and grumpy and headachey — and bloody hell my taste buds don’t work!!!!

I feel like I’ve rubbed my tongue dry on cardboard. Or like I’m constantly sucking on an old sock. I kept adding salt to my dinner and sugar to my tea. I just can’t taste anything! It’s soooo weird.

I ate half a packet of Caramel Tim Tams, before I realised that I was wasting them. My brain wasn’t receiving any warning messages about sugar overloads. It was quite distressing.

However I did learn a few things about the texture of food. Take away the taste and most foods feel gross in your mouth.

Munched up vegetables just feel like rubbery little blocks. Meat is like spongey orange peel.
Rice is just bean bag filling. And holy moly, ice cream is just strange! Like a creamy, wall plaster but cold!

I think chocolate was the only nicest thing that felt good in my mouth. Hard and solid, then melty and smooth, creamy and velvety.

I hope I feel better tomorrow. My mum promised to make me chicken soup.

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Vegetable Tempura

26 July 2003

In my efforts to cook and eat healthier meals, I’ve been trying some yummy recipes with no meat – on the menu last night was vegetarian tempura.

I don’t often cook deep fried meals. Mainly because of the amount of oil it requires. My mother used to have this old oil pot dedicated to deep frying. She used it over and over again. It was encrusted with old batter and had unidentifiable floaty bits. It was so gross.

Anyway, I was to reluctant use a lot of oil — so they turned out a little weird. Tasty. But weird. My husband said they tasted like vegetable doughnuts. Oh well. Next time I shall use more oil.

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At The Supermarket

25 July 2003

Callum is 3.5 months and has developed a vice like hand grip. Put something in his hand and you’ll never get it back! Fingers. Hair. Clothes. Toys. Ear rings.

Today I was in the supermarket aisle looking for soy sauce. I was carrying Callum on my hip. When I tried to walk away, I realised that Callum was holding onto something – a little old lady!

All three of us stood there politely, waiting for Cal to let go of her finger. It was a rather awkward 4 minutes.

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Spicy Escargot

24 July 2003

Snails have eaten my WHOLE chilli plant!
And even the chillies are gone!

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23 July 2003

Aaah. It’s good to be hoooooome.

Highlights of the trip –
Stirring the embers of our bonfire at sunset.
Hiking through the gorges in Kalbarri (with a baby).
Stomping through wet aussie bushland.
Strolling along still deserted beaches.
Having home cooked dinners every night!

Lowlights –
Using someone else’s shower. Ugh.
Callum woke up 3 times a night, every night!!
My flu developed into a fever by the end of the trip. And as we got home, I had to spend the next few days in bed. Bleh.

Still — we had a nice time.

^ The adventures of my feet came out rather well. However I didn’t include the one of me standing too close to the fire and accidently melting the end of my shoelaces.

^ Callum strutting his stuff in Granny’s lounge room.

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On Holidays

15 July 2003

It’s been a long week.Tomorrow we’re off on a road trip up north. I’ve been looking forward to it all week — getting out of the house, out of my routine, out of the cold wet city. I’m looking forward to see some lush greenery. Wet fields and blooming hills. Trees, flowers, mud, fresh air. With a 3 month old baby in tow, we’re just going to take it easy. A nice slow drive up the coast, sight seeing in the country side, road test our video camera. It’s a 6 hour drive to Andrew’s parent’s place, so hopefully Callum will be content to sleep, stare out the window and munch on the legs of his spider toy.

I’m looking forward to the drive too. There’s a warm hypnotic kind of meditation watching fence post after fence post. Hehe. And it’s nice to just chat, laugh and share the stuff in your head. Andrew and I had numerous road trips early on in our relationship. For our first one, we talked non-stop for 9 days! Driving, walking, camping, hiking, diving, dining, climbing trees, visiting galleries. Just the two of us! 216 hours in company of one other person!
I think we’d go bananas if we tried that now.

I’m ALSO looking forward to the endless hours of reading. Last time I did that was during our trip to Scotland. It rained so much that there was nothing to do BUT curl up in front of the fire and read a book. A cup of tea and a packet of McVitie’s. Mmm. I think I ploughed through 6 books in 2 weeks. Good stuff.

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Callum – 3 Months

14 July 2003

Callum has been sleeping longer throughout the night. 7 to 9 hours straight! It was a little weird. I kept waking up to check if he was still alive.

He can also look at his feet now. So cute.

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My Birthday Weekend

7 July 2003

Thanks for all the birthday wishes + emails!

I got a video camera! What fun!

We had dinner at some fancy schmancy revolving restaurant where we racked up a bill of $150+. The restaurant was supposed to revolve so slowly that you don’t notice.

But being Ms. Motion-Sick Girl, I felt a little queasy throughout dinner. Then again, it might’ve been the alcohol, who knows. It took about 2 hours to complete one revolution. The view was spectacular!! Perth looks so pretty at night!! Sparkley and glittery and tiny little lights as far as the eye could see.

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3 July 2003

Hmm. Although it’s actually tomorrow, we’re celebrating my birthday today. I’m going to be 25!

My mum is baby-sitting for us and Andrew’s got some “surprise” awaiting for this evening.

I don’t really like surprises. I made him promise no huge surprise party with everyone I know invited. No pub crawl. No telegram stripper. No one-day holiday. No coupon for jumping out of planes. Or swimming with sharks. And no choosing expensive jewellery without my consultation.

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Baby Swimming

2 July 2003

Our 2nd baby swim class!

Callum was much more relaxed this time. We swished and swayed in the water and he ALMOST gave me a giggle. But he was distracted by the 6 month old baby (all the other babies are only 3 months) who was showing off by paddling with his hands and doing somersaults in the water. Cal still hasn’t got full control of his neck muscles, so he loved floating on his back. The rest of the time, he was Mr Floppy Head.

I find it cute – but frustrating – how babies and kids just LOVE nursery rhymes and kid songs. I can’t STAND them. Grrr. They are just so twinkly and silly and irritating.
There’s only so many times I can sing along to ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ in a chirpy sing-song way while gritting my teeth. Sigh. I guess as long as the kids are enjoying themselves…