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Baby Get Together

29 June 2003

While I was pregnant we attended a prenatal group at the Family Birth Centre. Today, 3 months later, we had a little get-together where we plonked our assorted offsprings onto a couch for display. It was one of those so-cute-you-could-throw-up moments.

(L to R) Anna, Callum, Damon, Morgan, Anakin, Neve and Max.

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Girls Night Out

28 June 2003

A girlfriend of mine invited me to go clubbing. Clubbing? I raised one eyebrow. I’m so not into the clubbing scene. Although… I think it’s only fun and interesting if I go once a year. That way there’s enough time to forget how lame drunk people can get, how expensive drinks are, how people squish past you to grab your tits, and how utterly gross my hair smells after.

But hey, I had a baby 3 months ago. So I wanted to go out, feel young and crazy and have some irresponsible fun.

All men want to get laid by the end of the night. So keeping this in mind, we had two dweebs sitting by the bar looking after our jackets, another two losers with too much money buying us drinks, and two very good looking (but very boring) dancers making us look good. It was a fun evening.

I believe there’s a certain feeling of power when you’re in a club and MARRIED. You know you’re going to go home to a warm bed and snuggle up to the man you’re utterly in love with. So there was a that cool and ease in which I found myself shutting down, waving off, lying to, and totally ignoring every boring, ugly, annoying, pretentious guy I met.

There was one guy that I couldn’t shake off. He told me some poor story of how he’s been in Perth for 8 months and hasn’t been able to find a salsa dance partner and that I was the best salsa dancer he’s ever danced with blah blah blah. He really wanted my number so he could practice with me. Riiiight. Sure buddy. Good try.

I was going to refuse politely. But realised that the easiest way to get rid of this guy was to give it to him. So I took the phone that he was waving in front of my face, punched in some completely random number, gave it back to him and winked. He was so grateful, I almost felt sorry I did it.

Then there was this OTHER guy. Phwoar. He looked somewhere between Lenny Kravitz and Ben Harper. Damn he was hot. Soooo very sexy. I managed to score a dance too. But he started chatting and telling me he was a computer programmer. Gawd. I SO didn’t want to know that. After that, I couldn’t stop imagining of him eating spam and instant noodles and forwarding Dilbert cartoons to his co-workers. No offence to the computer programmers out there. Heh.

So overall it was a fun night. I got home at 3am. I was still drunk. I promised myself I’d never do it again. And I HAD to wash my hair. So it was 5am before I went to bed.
And yes, it was nice and warm.

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Baby Swimming Lessons

25 June 2003

Callum and I went for our first baby swimming lessons today!! I just can’t begin to describe how excellent and fun it was!

I’ve been going to a different mother’s group these last few weeks and one mum told me about this swimming class at the St John of God Hospital. The classes were quite expensive. $21 for a 1.5 hour session. Nonetheless, a few of us arranged to meet up to give it a go.

We were all quite stressed about what our babies would wear in the pool. What if they have a little accident? Eeeew. So we each bought a packet of expensive, waterproof disposable nappies.

But when we arrived, the class leader told us that the babies didn’t have to wear anything during the swimming class. The chlorine takes care of any nasty leakages. And apparently babies don’t poo when they’re in water. A womb thing perhaps? She also told us that after the class, we should take the nappies off, wring all the water out and reuse them next week. Eer. Is that hygenic? On one hand, it’s their pool and they have to clean it. But on the other hand, we’re the ones who has to swim in it.

The water was DELICIOUSLY warm. It was one huge gorgeous hot bath. I felt my bones and muscles melt as I walked down the stairs into the water. It was heavenly. Callum freaked out a bit. He’s never been surrounded by so much water before. So he just waved his arms about hoping to grab onto something. Or, me.

We splished and splashed along to nursery rhymes. Swayed and dipped to songs. Floated and bounced to different rhythms and beats. The babies LOVED it. And just because of that, it was soooo much fun!

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Callum – 10 weeks

23 June 2003

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Shopping Therapy

19 June 2003

After some shopping therapy, a new jacket, painted nails, and finally getting rid of those highlights, I’m feeling much better.


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Chinese Soup

18 June 2003

My family went out to dinner to celebrate my and my dad’s birthday. My dad’s birthday is actually today. And mine is in a couple of weeks. Anyway, they served this special herbal soup for the entree which caused my sister and I to cringe. We were horrified.

You see, my mum is Cantonese. And all Cantonese mothers make soup. Duck soup. Chicken soup. Pig feet soup. Ox tail soup. Sheep brain soup. Goat testicle soup. Herbal soup with sticks, berries and twigs that look like caterpillars and cigar butts.

Every month, she would make us a particular type of soup, which was apparently good for our menstrual cycles. So my sister and I dubbed it the “period soup”.

It was SOOOO disgusting. Imagine drinking dirty compost water, with rotten fungus and god knows what else. It was foul.

For years we tried to make the experience less painful. We’d dilute it with hot water. Or sip it very slowly with a straw. Or hold our breaths and see who could skull it the fastest. Or drink it too hot so we’d scald our taste buds. But now that we’re older… we just drink it silently and quickly. Like the good daughters we are.

So Christine and I look across the table at each other and wrinkled our noses.
“Is this period soup?”
“It smells like it.”
“It’s got those red seeds.”
“You taste it first.”
“It’s not supposed to have chicken feet in it…”

All the while, Andrew (being the squeamish Scottish lad that he is) overheard us, peered into his bowl and stirred it slowly. He spoke slowly and carefully, “Did you girls just say PERIOD SOUP????”

^ Callum wondering where all the food went.

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Autumn Branches in Subiaco

17 June 2003

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A Sluggish Sunday

15 June 2003

Oooh, it was such a beautiful Sunday!

The sun was warm, the air was fresh and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! We went to a birthday breakfast at the Blue Duck Cafe by Cottesloe Beach. I had two helpings of bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushies and sausages, a big glass of orange juice, an apple danish and 3 mini croissants.

I managed to snap a shot of the salt water fish tank in the cafe. I’d *love* to have a salt water tank full of funky little fish, starfish, anemones and other creepy crawlies from the ocean. But I suspect it’s a little too much work. I can’t even keep my backyard fishpond free of mosquitoes.

We took a walk along the beach. The weather was just perfect. Callum fell asleep to the sound of the waves.

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14 June 2003

Callum chuckles over our coffees.

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Butt Cheeks

13 June 2003

Went for my physio fitness class today.
Found out that I have strong butt cheek muscles.
*I’m so proud*

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Breastfeeding Cravings

11 June 2003

It was 10:30pm. I sent Andrew out to buy me a bar of white chocolate.

“Any kind will do,” I said. I’m not particularly fussy about my chocolate. As long as it wasn’t that cheap nasty stuff made in Malaysia.

I don’t know if he was trying to impress me, or that he just couldn’t make up his mind. Because he came back with every brand and white chocolate bar he could find! What a sweetie.

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Time to rug up!

8 June 2003

Winter is here.
Damn it’s cold.

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Callum – 8 weeks

7 June 2003

Callum just discovered his fingers today.

Now when he’s hungry, he puts them in his mouth. All of them.

I’ve been unsuccessful in photographing him – I can’t seem to hold the camera still when I’m giggling with laughter!

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Car Sprinkles

6 June 2003

I drive a 20 year old BMW.
It’s a shit-brown tank of a car.
It has an old sun roof.
The padding on the sun roof is falling to bits.
Every time I open the sun roof,
It sprinkles bits of sponge on me.

The sponge looks like chocolate cake.
So I continuously have chocolate cake crumbs on
my head, my hair, my jumper, my collar, my shoulders,
my eyelashes, my tummy, my lap…

I must look so weird.

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Not the Baking Queen

3 June 2003

I made some white chocolate + pistachio cookies! Mmmmmm. But I only had one baking tray (I couldn’t find my other one), so all the cookies kinda melded into one BIG cookie slab.

Yeah so they looked more like shortbread blobs in the end. I suck.

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Callum – 6 weeks

2 June 2003

Callum’s too big for his 000 jumpsuits! I was going to buy some bigger ones today, but it’s a public holiday and all the shops are closed. I’ll probably do it tomorrow. Hehe, we have to leave his top buttons undone so he’s got room to move.

He’s so heavy now! 4.6kgs. Like a sack of potatoes. My arms ache when I carry him. We took a little walk to the video store today. He was awake and alert, so I thought he’d enjoy looking at the trees along the way. He just loves looking up at trees – I think it’s the way the light shines through the leaves and branches, creating shadows and sparkles. But the little punk fell asleep as we got past our drive way.

OOH OH! Callum now smiles back at us when we smile at him!
It’s sooooo cute!! :)

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Showing Off

1 June 2003

Hey I’ve managed to return to my pre-pregnancy proportions. Breastfeeding is doing wonders for my weight! I’m feeling GREAT – energetic, zippy, happy, sparkley and glowing!
And yeah, it helps if you’re in your mid twenties.

We had a nice adventure yesterday. We braved the cold and made our way to King Street in the city (the swanky fashion district). I felt a warmth of normality as we walked across the cobblestone road. Not that I used to hang out at King Street. But being somewhere where people don’t talk about periniums or baby poo made me feel NORMAL. It was nice to have an exquisite late afternoon coffee and cake – drowning in the sounds of coffee machines, clinking tea cups and the gentle mummer of people.

Passing the glittery windows, looking up at the fancy buildings, watching all the people in their nice clothes… I felt a warm glow of pride. Proud that we blended in, yet stood out, with our 5kg bundle of giggles falling asleep in my arms.