What I Wore: Metallic Pleated Skirt

27 October 2016

Hello Parry Pleated Skirt

Helloooo everyone!

I just wanted to share my latest obsession – this metallic pleated skirt.

Ok I know that’s such a “fashion blogger” thing to say. So maybe I’ll call it My Best Fashion Find for Summer.

The team at Hello Parry recently let me pick out a few items to feature on my blog.

I had been eyeing this skirt for months and so I finally grabbed it, because it’s such a gorgeous colour, it’s fun and feminine, the pleats and the metallic shine make it a statement skirt (but not TOO statement).

Hello Parry Pleated Skirt

Let’s say you have been invited to your niece’s backyard garden birthday party; you think all the women will wear stunning floral dresses… but you’re in the wrong head-space for dressing up, or you’re too busy to find something suitable. Soooo just wear a simple off shoulder top, this pleated skirt, some sandals and you’ll be all set!

THAT’S exactly what I did haha.

The metallic shine, the pleats, the midi length of the skirt were all special enough to transform my look.

And the other day, I was invited to dinner, where I KNEW everyone was going to wear something nice, and seriously, all I wanted to do was wear a black shirt, black jeans, black coat and black boots.

I just swapped the jeans with this skirt and wayhey – an easy peasy, wow outfit and I didn’t even try that hard.

It makes me look “dressed up” without looking TOO dressed up.

Hello Parry Pleated Skirt

In terms of sizing, I’m usually a size AU6 / UK6, and this skirt is a Size 6.

The waist band is quite a firm fit. I wear it high on the skinniest part of my waist and it’s still a tiny bit tight. So while I don’t mind this Size S, I’d probably be happier wearing a Size 8. But I’m not going to return or swap it for a size up.

And because the waist band is a bit tight, the pleats kind of puff out a bit. But it’s not that noticeable.

The fabric is LOVELY – it’s soft to touch, silky satin feel, has a great weight to it and it’s not see through at all.

And I DON’T need to iron it at all – which is simply amazing. I had it folded up 3 times and stuffed into a bag with some other clothes, and I took it out, gave it a shake and it was good to go. Love that so much.

Lots of other brands have released a version of a Metallic Pleated Skirt, such as Gucci, 3.1 Philip Lim, Proenza Schouler, Alice + Olivia and many more… but um… you’ll have to pay $700 and above for those.

Hello Parry also have the skirt in Silver, Black, Champagne Gold and Green.

I have a special code for my readers!

Enjoy 10% off your total order at Hello Parry with the code “karenxhelloparry”.

Expires 15 December 2016



Sunset at Dryandra Woodland

26 October 2016

Dryandra Woodland

On the weekend, we headed out to stay at the Dryandra Woodland with five other families.

The area is a 2 hour drive South East of Perth City, kind of near Dwellingup.

I haven’t heard much about the place, but apparently it’s a well known nature reserve and it’s great if you like to look at (or photograph) wild kangaroos, numbats, echidnas, native birds and more.

We stayed in a cluster of forest cottages – which were basic and comfortable, and had the essential toilets, hot showers, clean beds, wood fire, couches, BBQ and picnic tables etc etc.

We just had to pack clothes, bedding, towels and food – so it was really easy!

Dryandra Woodland

The sunset was just gorgeous!!!

Can you believe I just took these photos with my iPhone?!?

There had been some bushfires the previous day, which filled the sky with a lot of smoke, which in turn filtered the sunlight and gave the whole landscape a golden glow. Just beeeaaaauuutiful!

Dryandra Woodland

Look at me, looking super Aussie with my hat and all.

I just needed a long piece of grass in my mouth. And some corks hanging from my hat.

Dryandra Woodland

As the sun set behind the tops of the trees, the landscape turned a beautiful pink.

We were told that the field next to the cottages is usually full of kangaroos, but because we were flying kites in the field, they stayed away.

We arrived on Friday evening – in the dark. We spent the whole Saturday going for a bush walk, playing tennis  (there were tennis courts!), having a picnic lunch, letting the kids play on the playground, having cups of tea, building kites, flying kites, having a BBQ and going possum spotting.

Then we left on Sunday morning. Went for another bush walk, had lunch at a cafe along the freeway, then headed home!

It was all very relaxed, lovely and good for the soul.

It was a great way to catch up with friends, disconnect from the world and get away from the city for a little bit!


What I Wore: Tularosa x Revolve Lace Nothings

25 October 2016

Lace Top by Tularosa x Revolve

In collaboration with Revolve, I picked out this gorgeous Tularosa x Revolve Amelia Lace Top as my prettiest summer find!

I love how it instantly transforms any bottom – whether it’s blue jeans, black jeans, a pencil skirt, a circle skirt or just plain shorts.

That’s what I want from a new top! I have a wardrobe full of basics and classics… so now I want one or two on-trend items that work with what I have, to keep my look current.

Lace Top by Tularosa x Revolve

I’ve seen these kinds of pretty, off-shoulder, lace or crochet tops for a while now.

They never really appealed to me, because they look like flimsy, lacey nothings that will blow off, or fall off I were to reach across my body to dig into my handbag haha. I’m quite afraid of the old nip slip.

Anyway, I’m glad to tell you that this top feels SO secure. It’s a bodice with a hook fasten (thank god) and a stiff zip.

The bodice wraps very nicely around my bust, over my strapless bra and feels super comfy. I feel very “supported” too. In fact, this top has some mega lifting action happening and all I can say, is hello cleavage!

The lace shoulders/arms have a soft elastic, that feels really nice (not too tight, not too loose)… so the whole top feels very together, if you get what I mean.

I’m usually a Size AU /UK 6 – I’m wearing a Size XS and it fits beautifully!

OK, here’s the good bit!

This lace top, and other items from Tularosa or Lovers+ Friends or Privacy Please are on sale for 20% off.

In fact Revolve is celebrating Spring / Summer with 20% OFF the ENTIRE site + free express shipping.

3 days only! Use the Promo Code “AUEXPRESS” from 10/25 – 10/27/2016.



Bush Walking at Dryandra Woodland

24 October 2016

Dryandra Trees

Here’s a little peek at what I did on the weekend.

We went for a bush walk at Dryandra (2 hour drive South of Perth) – with eight kids aged between 2.5 and 14!

The scenery itself wasn’t spectacular, but the Dryandra Woodland is a nature reserve and is well know for being the home to 24 mammal, 98 bird and 41 reptile species, including numbats, wallabies, possums, kangaroos, echidnas, all kinds of birds, snakes, lizards and spiders.

Unfortunately we were all such NOISY bushwalkers, we didn’t see a thing.

(However later that evening, we did manage to see kangaroos, possums, and a blue tongue lizard.)

I have lots of lovely photos to share and will upload later in the week :)


What I Wore: Stripe Cotton Shirt

21 October 2016

Stripe Shirt

I’m getting a bit bored of the word “busy” as a negative thing… I’m always busy!

I always have lots to do! My schedule is always jam-packed!

And there’s nothing wrong with that haha!

I love it. Really.

I feel so grateful and full in my heart (even though I complain a bit!) that I have such a busy life, full of work, sports, family, and friends.

I’m grateful that I have a house, with floors that need mopping, which I have been putting off for the last 2 days – oops.

I’m grateful that my family has all the clothes we need, including the 3 baskets of laundry that need washing.

I’m grateful that for 362 days in a year I have access to hot water in my house – except for the last 3 days when my hot water system broke.

This weekend we’re off to the West Australian Outback, to stay in a forest cottage at Dryandra Woodland (a nature conservation area) with five other families.

I have to pack the car, pack clothes + bedding, buy food, clean the house, pick up my kids from school, pick my husband up from the airport and then drive down there before sunset!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Striped Cotton Shirt (feels AMAZINGLY lovely and soft!) and White Denim Skirt from Cotton On

Nude Heels by Stuart Wietzman from Shopbop

Crossbody bag by Alexander Wang (black version here)


The Berry Smoothie Rule

20 October 2016

Berry Smoothie

I have to admit that I don’t use a recipe when I make my smoothies!

I just use whatever I happen to find in my fridge or freezer. I buy lots of fruit every week, and often, we don’t eat it all before it goes bad. So before it expires, I cut it up and throw it into a freezer bag… and I slowly use it up in my smoothies.

I might have 1/2 an orange, a few pieces of pineapple, leftover apple slices, a few tired looking strawberries, grapes in one bag!

Anyway, I tend to follow these general rules:

1 banana OR 1/2 cup of pineapple pieces / oranges / mango (I don’t like to mix bananas and citrus fruits)
1/2 apple or pear
1 cup of frozen raspberries, or strawberries, or blueberries or mango or whatever I have in my freezer
1/2 cup of yoghurt
1 cup of coconut water or almond milk

Whiz it up and enjoy!



Tiisch Cafe, Perth

18 October 2016

Tiisch, Perth

The other day, I caught up with a few blogger friends at Tiisch Cafe.

I was completely smitten by the high, heritage ceilings, the gorgeous floorboards, the white walls and ALL THE PLANTS.

I’m a closet gardener and I love indoor plants!

Over the years, I’ve owned pretty much all the plants I saw in the cafe (I couldn’t tell you what they are all called though) and seeing them dangling happily in the cafe, made me feel like I was visiting old friends.

Some of my plants were ugly as heck and I had to constantly clean their leaves and talk to them (yes!)… but they all had a lovely charm about them and I adored them.

I loved that there were so much space in the cafe. There were lots of tables and lots of seating. It was roomy and comfortable. I really liked the fresh, modern feel of the cafe, yet it had a warm, quirky atmosphere.

Tiisch, Perth

I have been drooling over Tiisch’s Instagram feed and I wanted to try everything!

In the end – because it was only breakfast – I chose the, Matcha Pancakes with strawberry, roasted rhubarb, mascarpone, honey & chamomile syrup. My friends chose the same.

The pancakes were so lovely, soft and moist. The combinations of sweetness and textures were just fantastic. I wasn’t that keen on the rhubarb though, as I don’t like rhubarb. Nonetheless, it had a roasted, tangy burst to it which complimented each mouthful of sweetness really well.

It was a really lovely breakfast for me. And such a treat!

Next time I’m hoping to come for lunch and try their new Spring menu.

938 Hay St, Perth WA
(corner of Milligan and Hay Street)


Running Tip: Plan Your Route!

17 October 2016

Stupid 12km Run

I did something so silly on the weekend.

I ran 12km, but it was the stupidest run ever!

When I go running, I have a four, pre-planned routes from my house: 5km, 8km, 10km and 12km.

I had spent weeks plotting these good courses based on sun direction, shade, nice views, lots of water stops, good footpaths, minimal traffic, few small hills, not too secluded and scary, not too many cyclists, not too many driveways, not too many dogs + dog walkers and… simple landmarks that act as mental milestones.

(Yes, I’m a bit fussy. But I like to think that I’m ensuring an outstanding experience for myself – ALL THE TIME haha!)

Anyway, the other day I walked down my driveway and started to run. But something in my brain said, Hey I’m bored of my usual routes. Let’s be spontaneous and do something a bit different! OK!

So I ran 4km… in the full sun, got chased by dogs, almost got hit by a cyclist, got beeped by a car, got a bit lost and I was DYING OF THIRST!!

I tried to change my route to find a park. I considered creeping into someone’s garden and using their tap? I considered jumping a gate? I tried to find a friendly person in their front yard to ask for a glass of water? I even glanced into a bin to look for a discarded bottle of water (but I’m not sure if I would have drunk from it, eeep!)

I was soooo thirsty! I was getting dizzy and faint!

In the end, I found a primary school, ran around the deserted buildings like a CRAZY PERSON IN A MAZE, trying to look for a water fountain. Found one. Drank water.

I was SO ANNOYED at myself for ruining my run!!

And I was determined to finish a 12km distance no matter what. So I ran towards a local shopping centre, which was next to a sports stadium, where I knew there would be more water fountains.

Again, so many cars. So many traffic lights. So many roads to stop and cross. So many pedestrians. No shade. Messed up foot paths, tripping me up. UGH.

Stupidest run ever!!

(Oh well, at least I went for a run?!)


Present from My 7 year Old

15 October 2016

Leaf Bedsheet

You’d be forgiven if you thought that this was a painting.

Or maybe you thought it was from some cheesey art filter app?

Valencia? Ludwig? Sierra? Nope.

My 7 year old boy just finds random stuff — beautiful stuff — that he thinks I’ll like.

Then he quietly takes my phone, finds a white surface (I’ve trained them well) and he takes a snap.

Then he quietly puts my phone back. Without telling me what he did.

I discover it weeks later.

And here it is straight from the phone.

(What a beautiful kid I have!)

(A bit naughty for using my phone without my permission though!)


Aquazzura Heels from Shopbop

12 October 2016

Aquazzura from Shopbop

Wow, never in my life did I imagine I’d be able to own such statement shoes. I’m kind of staring wide-eyed at the screen right now and pinching myself that my career has even gone this way?

In collaboration with Shopbop, I picked out these eye-wateringly, luxurious heels by Aquazzura – forgoing a classic heel, designer handbags, designer dresses, classic coats, and fine jewellery.

I guess it says something about me and my fashion sense?

I picked these because they are a bold, sexy, a little different, but still hugely versatile. They’re not too extravagant, not too loud, not too in-your-face.

Over the years, I’ve worked out that an amazing pair of heels can transform an outfit – whether it’s just ordinary jeans and a t-shirt, or a cute high street dress, or a beautiful evening gown.

Shopbop are having their largest sale of the year.

Spend up to $500, get 25% off your order
Spend OVER $500, get 30% off your order

Just use the code “MAINEVENT16″, offer expires on October 14, 2016, at 11:59 pm PT.


If you’ve had your eye on a designer item, pop over to have a peek at the sale. Getting 30% OFF new season designer items is a pretty rare deal!

Here are some of my favourite brands to check out…

Aquazzura – Luxury shoes, if you are into that kind of thing. There are some on sale, starting from $237 (before the mainevent markdown)

Acne Studios – I love their classic designs! Their quirky pieces are a bit too quirky for me though.

A.P.C. – French brand. I bought my beautiful half-moon bag a few months ago! Was thinking to get a tan one?

Clare V. – I have been eyeing a flat clutch for years!

Diane Von Furstenberg – Was thinking of buying a classic lace dress…

Equipment – Hello Signature Silk Shirt!

Furla – Very. Cute. Bags.

Karen Walker – Sunglasses would be nice.

Self Portrait – That lace dress, I’ve been eyeing…

Stuart Weitzman – Classic heels are worth the investment!

Tory Burch – Their clutches and handbags are always in fashion

Even just great brands like FindersKeepers or C/Meo are a great option :)

Enjoy shopping or just browsing!!


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