Natural Eyelash Extensions from 4NE1 Korean Beauty

6 December 2016

Brought to you buy 4NE1 Beauty

I’ve been getting (occasional) eyelash extensions for a while now.

I say occasional, because I’ve only ever had them done 4 times… But I know heaps of girlfriends who get them re-filled every 3-4 weeks.

I guess I’ve viewed eyelash extensions to be a lower priority to getting my hair done and getting a facial. Buuuut, I’m beginning to change my mind about them now.

Long, natural eyelashes really do make my face and eyes POP. They are quite easy to manage and clean on a daily basis. And there is no need curl my lashes, or use mascara, or very much eye makeup at all on a daily basis too.

The first time I had eyelash extensions, I went to 4NE1 Korean Beauty and Nail Salon, and I wrote a post about it here.

Then I went to another eyelash place (a lady with a home salon) and had a very mediocre experience. I didn’t get my eyelids burnt off or anything, I just felt that the lashes were not done nicely. They looked a bit messy and they fell off within 1.5 weeks. I didn’t think it was worth the money I spent.

So since then, I’ve been going back to 4NE1, because both their eyelashes and their technique are excellent.

With lots of end of year events, parties, Christmas and New Year coming up – I decided that I’m waaaay too lazy to put on false eyelashes 3-4 times a week. So I went back to get eyelash extensions again and managed to take a snap of my face before and 1.5 hours after.

Eyelash Extensions from 4NE1 Korean Beauty Salon

They looked amazing!

Btw, the ceiling of the shop was RED, which reflected onto my face and it looked like I had a bad sunburn. So I did a bit of colour correction to my face, which made it look weirdly airbrushed!

Once again I’m super happy with them.

And I’ve learnt my lesson… when I find a good thing, I should just stick with it!

Here are the details if you’re keen to give them a go.

4NE1 Korean Beauty and Nail Salon
98 Kooyong Road, Rivervale

They don’t have a website, just a 4NE1 Facebook page with lots of before and after client photos.

I also tried out 4NE1’s Korean Style Eyebrow Tattoo (Semi-Permanent) so do pop over to read my review!


Finding An Outfit with Sass & Bide

5 December 2016

I mentioned that I was invited to a Swim + Resort Fashion Event last month.

One of the designers featured at the show was one of my all time favourite Aussie labels – Sass & Bide.

Well I was also invited to pick out a Sass & Bide outfit to wear to the event! Eeeeep!

Every time an offer like this happens, I think — Say what? ME? Dorky, yoga pants-wearing, Karen?? Don’t they know how goofy / mumsy / not a typical fashion blogger I am??

Ahh, anyway, I gratefully accepted the offer and I proceeded to tell them how short and small I am. Why? Because I’m an idiot that’s why.

Sass & Bide Resort 16

Ok so I turn up the the Sass & Bide Store at Claremont Quarter, meet the team and we dance around the store picking out items.

Sounds like a champagne-in-hand, Hollywood movie scene right? Nope. It was more like a 5 minute dash, trying to solve a tricky costume problem.

Where did we start? I said, I wanted something SHORT. Because long dresses off the rack, almost NEVER fit me.

(Above) We picked out these gorgeous white shorts called, Hill and Mountains High Waisted Shorts. These were amazing. They fit me perfectly. Loved the texture of the fabric and the embellished detail.

The silk top was called, The Green Gardener. It went really well with the shorts, but was a bit too low and see through for me.

Sass & Bide Resort 16

Next I tried this loose fit top with a very “different” neck line, called Lion Heart.

It was kind of cool (it looks SO COOL on the model on the website), but the chest bit was too low for me and showed my bra. I guess I could have gone without a bra…?

And the shorts were called, Missing You Fitted Shorts. It was ok. It fit me fine, but it just wasn’t front row worthy haha.

Sass & Bide Resort 16

At the last minute, I saw this dress hanging on a spare rack, because someone else had tried it on. I grabbed it and loved it.

This is me in the change rooms!

(I was wearing my own Sass & Bide silk polka dot dress from 3 years ago.)

Sass & Bide Resort 16

So this is what I chose – the Before You Go Bustier Dress.

It was GORGEOUS! Understated yet stunning!

I’m wearing the Size 36 and it fit me perfectly. Loved the fitted bodice and the silky skirt layer.

I had so many compliments and it was such a honour to wear an item from their latest collection!

So much for NOT wearing a long dress haha.

Big, big thanks to the girls from TPFF and Sass & Bide.



New Kicks And No Where To Go

3 December 2016

Adidas  x Stella McCartney CC Sonic Sneakers

Last week I nabbed these gorgeous sneakers, from a Shopbop Sale Event (I think the sneakers are still on sale here, but there are no more white ones left).

These are none other than the Adidas by Stella McCartney CC Sonic Sneakers. Eeep, they are so pretty!

They were 40% off so in the end, so they worked out to be the same price (perhaps cheaper) than regular Nike running sneakers.

Yes they are all white.

Yes they are rather impractical.

Yes I will only be wearing them to the gym. Or to run on polished tiled floors with no dirt haha.

I’ve always wanted a pair of all white sneakers and these are definitely an amazing addition to my sneaker collection!


My Basic Chia Pudding

1 December 2016

Chia Pudding and Fruit

Hello hello! I want to share my BASIC Chia Pudding Recipe today.

There are heaps of recipes on the internet, but I’ve tweaked this recipe to how I like it best.

Why I love this recipe :

* It has vanilla essence in it, so it tastes like creamy vanilla ice cream.

* It doesn’t have blended banana, so it lasts for much longer in the fridge (won’t turn in a gross brown slop!).

* Other recipes use too much coconut milk, which is just too intense for me.

* I can add instant coffee to it, or cocoa powder, or matcha powder. It’s amazing!

* I can stir in peaches, or berries or mangoes too.

* I eat it like yoghurt, but it’s much better for my tummy because it’s dairy free.

* It does have a bit of maple syrup added to it, because I think it tastes a bit too weird without a hint of sweetness.

* This portion size and proportion is perfect for me. I eat it over 3 days and it doesn’t go off.

Plus, chia seeds are SEEDS – so they are high in protein, omega 3 fatty acids and fibre.

My Chia Pudding Recipe

1/2 cup of coconut milk

1 cup of almond milk

4 tablespoons of chia seeds

1 teaspoon of maple syrup

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence

1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon

Just stir everything together. Put in a bowl, keep covered (with cling wrap) in the fridge.

Wait an hour, then scoop out a portion into a separate bowl, add 1/2 teaspoon of cocoa / matcha / coffee and stir well.



Swim + Resort Series 2016

30 November 2016

I recently attended the Swim + Resort Series fashion event by the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival and Fashion Council WA.

The event was held at the infamous Bather’s Beach House in Fremantle and showcased swimwear and resort wear by Australian and West Australian designers.

TPFF Swim + Resort Series 2016

I loved it! The vibe, the fashion, the people, the outfits, the sunshine – it was all so different to night time fashion shows, where the atmosphere can get pretty moody and serious.

There was an ABUNDANCE of white dresses, fake tans, body shimmer, legs, legs, legs, bronzed cleavages, sunglasses, white lace, and lace-up gladiator sandals!

TPFF Swim + Resort Series 2016

Lots of beautiful and sexy dresses by Natalie Rolt.

TPFF Swim + Resort Series 2016

Stripes, sequins and gold pants by Sass & Bide.

TPFF Swim + Resort Series 2016

And lots of thought provoking designs and engaging colour schemes by Budgy Smuggler… ha!

It was a fun show. It’s open to the public, so anyone can purchase tickets and see the show, enjoy drinks and watch the sun go down by the beach. Tickets for next year via the TPPF website.


Jacaranda Purple

29 November 2016

Jacaranda 2016

I keep saying this every year.

As we approach Christmas… we don’t have snow. We don’t have streets filled with Christmas lights.

We have Jacaranda flowers.

As I drive through the city, through the suburbs, every where I look, there are trees covered in the prettiest purple, propped up against the bright blue sky.

It fills me up with the happiest and most childlike joy you can imagine!


Fitness Update: New Activewear for Yoga

28 November 2016

Activewear from Revolve

Happy Monday!

I kinda, sorta was accidentally talked into signing up for a $49 unlimited Hot Yoga deal recently. So I’ve been doing hot yoga 3 times a week, and regular yoga once a week.

That’s a lot of yoga. And that’s a lot of sweaty active wear!

I thought I would take advantage of all the online sales and pick up some new activewear.


Black activewear. What do you think? It looks hell boring, I know.

I like the idea of cool, funky, colourful prints… I love seeing other girls wear colourful prints… and I have quite a few brightly coloured items myself. But I think in reality I’m just an all-black kind of girl.

I found some black pieces with different detailing and eeeeek, I’m loving them so much!

Activewear from Revolve

Wearing: Free People Moonshadow Bra and Varley Vincent Compression Tights.

So affordable! Not as luxurious and contouring as Lululemon, but still great to wear.

Do have a peek at the Cyber Monday Sale at Revolve, with additional 20% Off Sale Items + Free Express Shipping. Just use the code CYBER20 at the checkout.

Enjoy your week!



What I Wore: Cashmere and Stripes

26 November 2016

Grana Cashmere + Italian Cotton

Just showing off a few details of my outfit from the other day — basically the most comfiest outfit combo ever!

The weather may be warming up, but I find that the mornings, air-conditioning in offices and cars, are all enough to make me throw on a light cardigan to get me places.


Grana Cashmere Longling Cardigan

Grana Stripe Boyfriend Shirt

A.P.C Half Moon Bag from Shopbop

Frame Le Color Skinny Jeans

Black Pointed Flats from Charles and Keith



My Weekend Super Stars

25 November 2016

Clare V Bag

With the hot weather well and truly settled in, I’ve pulled out a few of my favourite sandals, including these super cool Raye Slides from Revolve.

Ah toe ring slides. They’re weird looking. But once they’re on your feet, they feel so right and they look pretty cool!

I’ve been wearing them with everything – denim shorts, black cropped pants, a simple, black tank dress! I love high rotation items.

They definitely look much more stylish than my rubber flip flops :)

Clare V Bag

I have been eyeing a tan leather bag for a really long time… and at first I was looking for a tan leather tote.

But I had to be honest with myself, I’d hardly use a big “casual” tote.

Nowadays I zip out the door with my phone, keys, purse, a little beauty case with lip balm + compact and a pair of sunglasses on my head. So these 4-5 items would be rattling around in a cavernous tote, which is a bit silly.

So instead I looked for a bag that could double as a clutch and found this gorgeous Clare V. Fabienne Bag from Revolve.

Clare V Bag

I’ve swooned over Clare Vivier’s bags and clutches for ages. Two of my girlfriends have a Clare V oversized clutch and a Flat Supreme Clutch and the leather is really soft and lovely.

This bag’s leather is just beautiful too and the natural, warm camel colour is divine.

I love the size (not too small!), the cross body length, the structured shape, and the minimal style.

Revolve are having their Black Friday Sale today and offering up to 65% off and free express shipping so pop over to take a peek at the great sales!

(Also wearing  Tularosa x Revolve Amelia Lace Top and Cotton on Shorts.)

Have an amazing weekend!



Who needs frosting, when you have fruit!

24 November 2016

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

It’s a little embarrassing how often I make this Gluten Free Chocolate Cake.

But it’s one of my favourite dishes to make when visiting friends and everyone loves it!

For this cake, I embedded it with raspberries, as I did in this recipe, and I served it with ice cream.

However the little kids were more excited about the blueberries and strawberries that they picked off all the fruit and left the chocolate cake for the adults haha.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends! xxx


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